At the moment, we have 5 payment methods: reimbursement (cash on delivery), with a card upon delivery, transfer (for legal entities), invoice with check (for legal entities).


RAMBOURCE - payment in cash upon delivery. Payment is made only in national currency (lei), payment in foreign currency is prohibited in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Moldova.


CARD on delivery - payment by national and international bank cards. When paying by card, no additional fees or commissions will be charged, namely the cost in accordance with the invoice. If payment is made by card in foreign currency, the exact cost of the order will be paid in accordance with the invoice at the current rate of the relevant bank.


Credit - in accordance with the terms of the EasyCrredit partner, G&D Office SRL does not charge any additional fees or commissions. The loan partner charges fees and credit commissions in accordance with the current conditions.

Invoice with check - intended for legal entities.


Bank transfer - intended for legal entities. We will send your billing account according to your needs. Delivery is carried out only after receiving the transfer. Delivery can also be carried out in accordance with the confirmation of payment only by decision of the administration.


All prices are inclusive of VAT.


We are actively using eFactura.

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